I get a lot of questions about the tools I use for different parts of my work, so I’ve put together this “uses” page that covers every part of my setup.

A few of the links below are affiliate links which means I get paid or rewarded in some way if you use them to purchase, but rest assured these are all tools and services I actually use.



  • Sublime Text 3

    Still the fastest text editor I’ve ever used. Some how even if I have tried a ton of new editors out there always end up back with Sublime Text.

  • VS Code

    It’s not as good as Sublime at editing text but trying really hard to give it an honest shot these days because the community is so big and has tons of plugins available. Mostly use it for frontend development with VueJS.

  • PHPStorm

    Yes, it’s a paid IDE. But, as I primarily work as a Magento developer, there is not better IDE out there which matches the feature set available.

  • Brave

    I like brave because of it’s anti-tracking features, also as it’s based on Chromium I am not missing out much on the developer tools and extension experience.

  • Cmder

    Linux terminals are the best. But, as most of the time I am stuck using Windows on my work computer, cmder is the best alternative to windows command prompt

  • GitLab

    I keep all my private repositories on Gitlab, and publish any public repo on Github.


  • DigitalOcean

    For anything that needs to run PHP, I use DigitalOcean.

  • Netlify

    For my static sites (like this one), I use Netlify.

  • CloudFlare

    Always park all my project domains here. It gives a crazy amount of functionality and features which is just amazing and it’s completely FREE, at least to start with.


  • Wox

    Its a windows alternative to Alfred. Works great and is super swift in launching application and file searches

  • Workflowy

    Has been using this tool for years. Manage all my todos, queries and notes here

  • ClickUp

    I love ClickUp for my day to project management and goal tracking for personal development. It has a ton of integrations and automation features

  • KeePassX

    It’s a great cross platform password manager tool. Call me old fashion, I like my passwords on my local disk instead of having in cloud

  • Dropbox

    This is the first cloud storage service I ever used. I works great to backup my documents and invoices


    It’s an alternative cloud storage I used as it gives 50GB of storage space for FREE. It has great security features and upload and download speeds are great as well.